Company Revolution 13

We are very proud to offer TOP quality equipment for street workout and calisthenics. Although we keep our production in the heart of Europe – Czech Republic, our projects are already finding their homes across the whole world.

Thanks to more than 300 finalised projects, RVL13 is a pioneer of the street workout reneisance as a healthier alternative to the classic weightlifting. Our parks meet the strictest professional standards set by the World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation, but they are equally enjoyable for the general public. As the fitness parks are usually freely accessible, they offer a unique opportunity for a free practice 24 hours a day. That being said, we will gladly provide solutions for private projects too because we believe our parks will increase their value and attract a new clientele.

Our Production

From its foundation in 2012, our company has a single goal – achieving, maintaining and improving the quality of the production. Each park is made off the best materials available, treated with hi-end technology and obviously accompanied with a friendly customer service from the beginning to the end.

Development of new elements is always consulted with professional athletes and fitness trainers which gives them the proper competitive edge. Construction-vise, RVL13 parks are very flexible. They vary from big and popular all in one solutions, to special individual projects and we always ensure their maximal stability, durability and usability with minimal need of maintanance. With our unmistakable „lego system“, we can find a perfect solution literally for everybody.

Ordering process

If you are interested in further information about our products or simply want to make an order, we will be glad to assist you with the right choice for your project. we can also prepare a 3D visualisation and finally take care of the installation. So…

Stop thinking, just workout!

Your RVL13