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Double Rack

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Second representative of Petum series can have up to eight bars installed in a rectangular layout which allows for a switch from one to another. Double rack can become a favorite practice-stop on the way from work but it will suit even more ambitious sportsmen. It comes in countless versions with a wide choice of accessories. Basic double rack can be enahanced with the following add-ons: dips, doble dips, wall bars, incline bars called wing, multibar (multipurpose bar for narrow or wide grip), prolongued freestyle bar 170mm or tripple bar, rings holder, box bag holder or punk holders for an olympic bar. 

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Basic information

Item nameDouble Rack
Usagestrenghtening, stretching, fitness
NameDouble Rack

Technical Specification

Maximum height2450mm
Dimensions2400 x 1600 x 3100mm
SurfaceKomaxit 90 with a zinc layer for extreme conditions
Color scaleComplete palette RAL
Stand count8+
Target group15+

Delivery and installation

Lead time5/6 weeks
Installation5 m-h
StandardsEN 16:630 (TUV)

Recommended flooring

Optimal dimensions7,2 x 7,0m
Floor surfaceConcrete base

Tutorial video

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