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Mobile park 1D

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This mobile park with three bars, multibar, dips, human flag bar doesn't have to be anchored to the ground. Thanks to special stabilization plates and other elements it can stand freely anywhere you put it, which makes it perfect for summer camps, exhibitions or simply in your garden. The minipark takes only 8m2 off your space while it can host up to 5 people at once.

  • 1x Single bar 140
  • 2x Single bar 170
  • 1x Double bar 140
  • 1x Human flag bar
  • 1x Double dip 140

Basic information

Item nameMobile park 1D
TypeMobile fitness park
Usagestrenghtening, stretching, fitness

Technical Specification

Maximum height2450mm
SurfaceKomaxit 90 with a zinc layer for extreme conditions
Color scaleComplete palette RAL
Stand count5+
Target group15+

Delivery and installation

Lead time5/6 weeks
Installationvariable - individual approach
StandardsEN 16:630 (TUV)

Recommended flooring

Floor surfaceNone
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