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JK Mobile Bar

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This bar is characterized by an extreme stability and mobility. You can take it apart and move away literally within a couple of minutes. It comes in an endless variety of color combinations and each customer can choose to put a short writing on it. The surface treatment is common with our outdoor parks which grants the bar an extreme durability. Several Guinness world records were accomplished on this very mobile bar and it is widely used by professional teams on exhibitions across Europe.


    Basic information

    Item nameJK Mobile Bar
    TypeMobile Fitness element
    Usagestrenghtening, stretching, fitness

    Technical Specification

    Dimensions2200 x 1640 x 1830mm
    Maximum height2200mm
    SurfaceKomaxit 90 with a zinc layer for extreme conditions
    Color scaleComplete palette RAL
    Stand count1
    Target group15+

    Delivery and installation

    Lead time5/6 weeks
    StandardsEN 16:630 (TUV)

    Recommended flooring

    Floor surfaceConcrete base
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