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Parkour is originally a french sport that could be described as a creative running from point A to a point B while overcoming obstacles with various acrobatic moves. It can be done in both nature and  urban areas, but practice should be held in safe environment with maximum of different barriers in one place. That is exactly where RVL13 parkour parks come into play. Evrery setup allows tracers to choose from countless possibile routs as well as practice every thinkable trick.

RVL13 parkour courses are developed in cooperation with experienced athletes who can design an environment suitable for both beginners and longtime fans of this modern sport. Each park features variety of elements from balance beams, elevated platforms, horizontal bars and ladders to special inclined walls, jumpthroughs and design elements that simulate the urban jungle environment.

When creating parkour arenas, maximum emphasis is placed not only on safety, but also on their design and use of the best available materials. In addition to hardened steel and solid slabs with anti-slip treatment, the RVL13 parks include vibrated concrete columns which were specially developed with help of Czech Technical University in Prague for this very purpose.

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